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Exceptional residential architecture requires an intimate relationship between the architect and the client. This ideal close understanding between architect Chris Pattichides and Mike Frank was established during many other successful projects completed together. Chris therefore immediately understood how to interpret Frank’s key requisite for the brief of his new chic residential home. He simple stated: “GO WOW”

In essence “GO WOW” meant a boutique residence that captures and facilitates a contemporary lifestyle that balances luxury entertainment with everyday comfortable living and tranquil private spaces. The Frank lifestyle was to include an impressive audio visual room, mesmerizing formal lounge and entertainment areas, an expansive dining area for formal dining occasions, a decadent private nightclub, a gym with skylights under reflective water features, as well as a patio, swimming pool and Jacuzzi overlooking a lush designer garden. These lifestyle elements had to be craftily tied together by bespoke design details and décor finesse. On arrival the sweeping yet solid contemporary South African architectural style of the house finds harmony between the structural elements of solidity and large reflecting glass facades. Designed within the estates architectural guidelines and steered by the site and surrounds. On plan the concept of a cross or X footprint responds elegantly to its natural setting on an almost square site. The design approach is on an almost poetic level and much of the inspiration was taken from nature itself.

The X form creates two distinctive main courtyards for the house to live out onto. Firstly one encounters the carport courtyard with weighted column lined port cochere over the main entrance. The double garages, ergonomically angled on either side, allows for easy unobstructed access into the house without leaving the double volume internal spaces exposed through the large glass façades.

Later as the visitor moves through the house the more private courtyard reveals itself at the back. It accommodates the sun deck with lavish swimming pool and Jacuzzi were conversely one can relax on the spacious patio.

The heart of the residence is at the intersection of the cross or ‘X’ . This Pivot point is where the multi levels meet and connect and here the house radiate off to the more private wings. This “knuckle” is a threshold between visual containment and with open space, where light and reflection spills through rousing double volume openings onto sculptural, organically curved structural elements.
Circulation through the house is centered on this point with two double curve staircases that leads up and down, framing the living space below and the audio visual room above. On each axis the well defined Bedroom wings remain easy accessible yet private.

The circular formal living room is slightly sunken and accessed by an organic nautilus shell inspired spiral ramp in order to define the space. Throughout the design there was a deliberate intent not to compartmentalize the different rooms, without simply creating typical open plan spaces, but rather to let the space become defined by certain cunningly premeditated elements such as the spiral ramp.

The most impressive form defining element in the “knuckle” are the floating audio visual room directly above the formal lounge. The underside creates a mesmerizing rounded floating bulkhead over the sunken formal lounge with stunning multiple soft reflective ball lights adding warmth and ambience to the space. The suspended audio visual room is only accessible via a bridge that definitely defines the audio visual room as a destination space. Below the living room the final entertainment layer presents itself as a decadent private bar and night club. The night club’s copious finishes boasts a solid glass plate floor, velvet wall paper and gold finished bar with glass refrigerator doors.

Access between the 3 levels is simplified by the elevator that effortlessly connects the level of the Audio Visual room at the top with the private Nightclub below. Adjacent to the Bar / nightclub, in the basement, the fully equipped gym draws soft natural sunlight form skylights underneath the water feature above to bring in cool textured light. Another cunning design solution to unlock more entertainment space was to link one of the feature double garages to the house by means of a buffer garden space with subtle water features. This can be used for additional needs when hosting children’s parties etc.

Exceptional residential architecture requires design synergy to follow through into the detail. Some of the minor details worth mentioning is the customized curved glass façade details and electronic pool cover. However the most innovative bespoke detail on Residence Frank must be the custom made, design and built pivot louver doors. This cutting edge bespoke detail fathoms the “GO WOW” design mantra. Instead of conventional sliding stacking doors, the pivot louver doors allow one to meander through a undefined external/internal link between the house and the patio. The Adjustable, tinted glass panels give the perception of depth and can be angled at various degrees depending on the day and season to effectively control the penetration of sunlight into the house.

While muted colors have become a signature of the architecture by Chris Pattichides, the subtle shades does more than provide a crisp canvas for the glamorous decor. The Natural materials used in the design were allowed to express its rich earthiness in order to bring a grounded flair to the stylish finishes.

The “GO WOW” concept has presented the Frank Family with a chic well defined contemporary home. During the day warm soft sunlight subtly drifts through the curved glass façade into the core of the house. It resonate peace and well being, a quite residence that warms the soul. Yet after dark as the entertainment areas fills up with vibrant music and conversation the house extends itself into amulti faceted entertainer’s dream where the party continues effortlessly until dawn.

A sunken round sitting room, a floating home theatre and a bar with a brass floor are just some of the unusual features of this week’s beautiful location home.

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